API compatible with Amazon S3 (opens new window) cloud storage service

# Endpoint


generate API Key from https://bucket.4everland.org/#/apikey (opens new window)

# Supported Feature Set

Supported Bucket Calls:

Name Supported
MakeBucketWithLocation Yes (partial, ingore Location)
GetBucketInfo Yes (fully)
ListBuckets Yes (fully)
DeleteBucket Yes (fully)

Supported Object Calls:

Name Supported
ListObjects Yes (fully)
ListObjectsV2 Yes (fully)
GetObjectNInfo Yes (fully)
GetObject Yes (fully)
GetObjectInfo Yes (fully)
PutObject Yes (fully)
CopyObject Yes (fully)
DeleteObject Yes (fully)
DeleteObjects Yes (fully)
GetObjectTagging Yes (fully)
PutObjectTagging Yes (fully)
DeleteObjectTagging Yes (fully)

Supported Multipart Calls:

Name Supported
ListMultipartUploads Yes (fully)
NewMultipartUpload Yes (fully)
PutObjectPart Yes (fully)
CopyObjectPart Yes (fully)
ListObjectParts Yes (fully)
AbortMultipartUpload Yes (fully)
CompleteMultipartUpload Yes (fully)

Supported Policy Calls:

Name Supported
SetBucketPolicy No
GetBucketPolicy Yes
DeleteBucketPolicy No

Supported S3 STS (opens new window)

# Limits of S3 API

Item Specification
Maximum number of buckets 200
Maximum number of objects per bucket no-limit
Maximum object size 5 TiB
Minimum object size 0 B
Maximum object size per PUT operation 5 GiB
Maximum number of parts per upload 1000
Part size range 5 MiB to 5 GiB. Last part can be 0 B to 5 GiB
Maximum number of parts returned per list parts request 1000
Maximum number of objects returned per list objects request 1000
Maximum number of multipart uploads returned per list multipart uploads request 1000
Maximum length for bucket names 48
Maximum length for object names 1024
Maximum length for '/' separated object name segment 19